We have a wide variety of products, obtained from the diverse elaboration processes of dehydrated paprika pods.

Depending on the necessities and the use that our clients give to the final product, and without attending to the diverse qualities that can be obtained, we could enumerate the following products as the commonest;

copiforsweet paprika,the typical product of our region, Murcia.
copiforsmoked paprika, the typical product of La Vera county, Cáceres.
copiforhot paprika, elaborated with hot paprika varieties with spicy flavour.
copiforoleorresin, extracted paprika oil.
copiforpods and flakes, diverse varieties of dehydrated paprika, pods or crushed.
copiforseed, diverse varieties of dehydrated seed of the fruit.
copiforñoras, entire dehydrated murcian paprika .

All these products, are served in different varieties, qualities, texture, as our customers require us.




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