Copifor, S.L., was born in 1.992 with the main purpose of upgrading the current management concept to the industry of paprika elaboration and also as the consequence of the previous experiences and gathered data teaching from several family generations and the companies they created: Pimentón Forca, corp. in 1.987, José García García in 1.968 and Jesus García Muñoz back to the year 1.930.

Our current management project is based upon the deep knowledge onthe raw materials and the different elaboration and transformation processes used to obtain the best conditions on the final product for its commercialisation.

Our organizational and operation structures, as well as our trajectory, allow us to be present and able to accede to the markets producing paprika all around the world, to carry out the imports of the best raw material to our facilities and to elaborate paprika and all their derivates under the conditions requested by our customers, who are the authentic authors of our company philosophy.


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